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My children are entering their fourth year at a parochial school.Every year when it comes time to get uniforms we are all forced to go to Schoolbelles to purchase our uniforms.

In the past four years something has always gone wrong; wrong size given to me by store associate, twice they were out of all uniforms for our school 4 weeks before the school year started !(even though they get the enrollment numbers before hand from each school). They are chronically uninformed, understaffed and ill equipped to meet their consumers needs. This evening I went to their website to place an order (thought I would try). Well, 2 hrs later and no order placed, problem after problem and I finally reached the end to check out - and their system wouldn't accept any method of payment that my husband or I have in our wallet.

We even called our credit card companies and everything is fine!!! Tried to call Schoolbelles, and suprise no one is there!!

and they are alreay out of the skirts that my daughter needs.Horrible experience and terrible customer service!!!!

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